Monday, December 1, 2008

SQE and Devoxx 2008

Interested in exchanging ideas how to make SQE better?
Want to share your preferred workflow with the SQE developers?

Meet the SQE Team at Devoxx - just leave a comment and your e-mail - so we can get together over a Belgium beer or just have a chat over breakfast / lunch or a coffee break.

BTW expect some news on SQE for Devoxx - following our tradition we are actually working full steam for a new stable version of SQE compatible and best to use with NetBeans 6.5 Release. More news to follow ...


Hansel said...

What I would love in SQE:
1. Allow users to run FindBugs, PMD & CheckStyle on a specific class or package.
2. Sort PMD & CheckStyle results on a class name or package basis. Like you can with the FinBugs results.
3. Export FindBugs, PMD, and CheckStyle settings.
4. Improve the Metrics. (Like the Eclispe Metrics Plugin) e.g. count lines of code etc.
5. Speed up code reviews. Show new classes, changed classes and lines of code changed based on information from ClearCase or Subversion etc.

Wim said...

As a long time Eclipse user I didn't know that SQE existed. (I'm an avid user of Findbugs, PMD, Checkstyle though)... interesting stuff to try out :)

ps: Found your blog through Devoxx.

Wim (