Monday, June 8, 2009

JavaOne 2009 - The Fun Part 1.0-7

During JaveOne Bruno Souza talked a few community members into creating a video for the Java User Groups - that was really fun!

Thanks Bruno for the real good idea and the other community members to make it happen!

Winning Duke's Choice and James Gosling's Keynote

By now, you could have read it all over the blogosphere - I have been part of James Gosling's keynote "Toy Show" at JavaOne, as a winner of the Duke's Choice Award.

The full video of the keynote is available at the JavaOne website.

The most important chapter can be found below.

Before the keynote I have been interviewed for the BlogTalkRadio - only it wasn't for the radio - it was full video. So here is the interview.

This was a really amazing week - more blog entries to follow.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Java Posse meets NetBeans DreamTeam - NetBeans DreamTeam meets Java Posse

After the Meet the Java Posse BOF, there was an informal event at Kate O'Briens Irish Bar. So finally both teams met. There is a photo proof of this available at Toni's blog.

Was real fun hanging out with you guys!