Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Upcoming Book Review - NetBeans IDE 7.0 Cookbook

I am currently reviewing

Looks good so far - more details to come - stay tuned.

Presenting Cool and Fun Sessions at JavaOne 2011

With no sessions selected for JavaOne 2010, I thought I would try a new approach:

Build proposals around things I would attend at Javaone.

Well, to say the least - it worked out, probably too good. So here is the official list

Session 23923 - JVM Language Mashup Using NetBeans RCP
Session 24027 - Setting Sail: Opening New Horizons in RCP Development
Session 24034 - Next-Generation UI: JavaFX 2.0 and Scala?!
Session 24822 - The Final Frontier: Rich Client Platform with JavaFX 2.0
Session 25026 - The Enterprise RCP: NetBeans RCP with JavaFX 2.0 Controls

Anything in there that attracts your attention?
Anything you would like to see in there?

See you at J1- or stay tuned for further details on the sessions....

Reviving my Blog

After a real long time with no activity on this blog, I think it is time to get busy again. New things coming up, new technologies to evaluate...

So if you are interested in

there may some interesting blog posts in my queue.

Welcome back and stay tuned...