Tuesday, May 6, 2008

SQE - BugFix

The latest published version contained two minor issues
  • Java Classes with default package resulted in NPE during trying to annotate (#41)
  • Wrong thread usage for Retouche
An update is available.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

SQE - JavaOne 2008 / NetBeans 6.1 - Version

There is a new version of SQE uploaded to the SQE-UpdateCenter.

Consider this still an alpha version. New in this snapshot:
  • SQE Control Center (modeled after Profiler UI)
  • pre-configure codedefect tools that will be run on a project (per project basis)
  • JumpToSource should now work for most use cases
  • new editor buttons for switching annotations on/off (per project basis)
  • better tasklist integration for FindBugs Result
  • Experimental support for dependency analysis
  • Experimental information topcomponent for projects (should help verifying the project setup)
Additionally a lot of issues have been fixed:
  • problems running under unix
  • problems with accessing
  • problems with changes in 6.1 filesystem access
  • .... (see issue list at
  • Refresh on save/compile (especially useful for tasklist)
  • further UI enhancements (windowgroup for codedefect results)
  • configurable checkstyle.xml (at least)
  • fix pmd configuration problems
  • fix findbugs configuration problems
  • quick-fix for disabling detectors (still under evaluation)
  • RefactorIt integration (still far future)
So check it out and give your feedback.

Since not all spec versions may have been increased you may better delete your old sqe1 cluster and start with a fresh installation following the described procedure. The source is still not available but we are really trying to get it out (promised).

Saturday, May 3, 2008

JavaPolis reloaded

The JavaPolis conference has been renamed:


See for yourself at

... cu 8th-12th December in Antwerp!