Sunday, October 19, 2008

NetBeans 10th Birthday

Starting today there is a one week celebration for NetBeans 10th Birthday.

Chime in and celebrate the NetBeans spirit with the NetBeans Decathlon!

For more details about the Decathlon go here!

From the official statement:

Since 1998, NetBeans has grown from a student project into an award winning Open Source project, IDE and application platform. With millions of downloads a year worldwide, the NetBeans community boasts an active and diverse following of software developers, students, instructors and partner companies.

For our 10th birthday bash we plan to highlight some of the key initiatives and individuals whose contributions and dedication have kept the NetBeans momentum going strong. There will be unique content—video greetings, community profiles and more—available during the week-long retrospective.

We've also come up with a fun way for the community to celebrate with us—the NetBeans Decathlon! Ten interactive activities that let NetBeans users show and share what the NetBeans project means to them.

Participants will be entered to win a cool limited edition NetBeans T-shirt. Stay tuned for details of the Decathlon and the official birthday kickoff!

So you are still not part of the community? Do not wait - you won't get a better start! Join the NetBeans community at!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Meeting Geertjan or from Lookup to Obama

Last Thursday I met Geertjan after he delivered a NetBeans Training Course.

What would you expect from such a meeting? Let me start with the obvious:
  • Some good food and a real good beer ;-)
What else? Well I'll try to list everything discussed and maybe I will pick up some of those and dive deeper into those topics.
  • Modules, Modules, Modules ....
  • Lookup
  • Deprecating old API's
  • API Design
  • TreeTable vs. new OutlineView
  • Visual Library
  • NetBeans RTC
  • NetBeans RCP
  • NetBeans RCP LifeCycle (esp. the explicit entanglement with DataObject)
  • Upgrading to NetBeans 6.5 RCP (impacts of changed mode definitions)
  • NetBeans Dream Team
  • NetBeans RCP Training (differences between University and Company)
  • JavaPolis - Javoxx - Devoxx
  • NbPython
  • Groovy
  • Closures
  • GSF vs. Schliemann
  • ...
Other topics
  • Neal Gafter joining Microsoft (hear JavaPosse podcast)
  • Barack Obama
  • Financial Crisis
Hope I did not forget anything important (I am sure there were more topics) - anything to add Geertjan?.

Hope we can have a follow up meeting - there are a lot more interesting topics to cover.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

SQE, Maven and NetBeans 6.5

After a long quiet period here some news from SQE. The actual main goal of SQE is to provide a stable release for NetBeans 6.5 .

The first milestone towards this is support for Maven based projects. This is now available as a binary preview. Just download the zip-File unpack it and install the nbm's. Since not all the version numbers are actually increased, the binary snapshot requires that you uninstall all previously installed parts of SQE. I hope to find a simple method to fix this problem for one of the next binary previews.

Bug fixes:
  • Checkstyle now working under Unix
  • A lot of small changes for better project recognition
New features
  • Maven support
  • Checkstyle 5.0 beta 01
Upcoming (new things or things already planned)
  • Update FindBugs to 1.3.5
  • Update PMD to 4.2.3
  • Refresh on save/compile (especially useful for tasklist)
  • further UI enhancements
    • windowgroup for codedefect results
    • move codedefect history (still not working) to control center
  • select checkstyle.xml to use
Any other ideas, comments, wishes? Just leave your comment here or send an e-mail to the user list at