Sunday, October 5, 2008

Meeting Geertjan or from Lookup to Obama

Last Thursday I met Geertjan after he delivered a NetBeans Training Course.

What would you expect from such a meeting? Let me start with the obvious:
  • Some good food and a real good beer ;-)
What else? Well I'll try to list everything discussed and maybe I will pick up some of those and dive deeper into those topics.
  • Modules, Modules, Modules ....
  • Lookup
  • Deprecating old API's
  • API Design
  • TreeTable vs. new OutlineView
  • Visual Library
  • NetBeans RTC
  • NetBeans RCP
  • NetBeans RCP LifeCycle (esp. the explicit entanglement with DataObject)
  • Upgrading to NetBeans 6.5 RCP (impacts of changed mode definitions)
  • NetBeans Dream Team
  • NetBeans RCP Training (differences between University and Company)
  • JavaPolis - Javoxx - Devoxx
  • NbPython
  • Groovy
  • Closures
  • GSF vs. Schliemann
  • ...
Other topics
  • Neal Gafter joining Microsoft (hear JavaPosse podcast)
  • Barack Obama
  • Financial Crisis
Hope I did not forget anything important (I am sure there were more topics) - anything to add Geertjan?.

Hope we can have a follow up meeting - there are a lot more interesting topics to cover.


Varun said...


Thats awesome! Also, lots of interesting topics covered, sounds really cool!

Anyways, you have some pics for the event :-)


Geertjan said...

I can't remember the details, but we spoke about many things. The beer helped. :-)

Sven said...

@varun Geertjan took a picture - maybe he will put it on his blog.

@geertjan I am sure it did ;-)