Saturday, December 13, 2008

Devoxx 2008 - Day 5 / finalize()

The last day of Devoxx 2008 - just as we got accustomed to long nights with only a few hours sleep. But well next year the show will continue. So today 3 real cool sessions were up. First we attended a session with Charles Nutter and Thomas Enebo presenting on JRuby. Besides showing cool NetBeans integration with awsome code completion and giving an overview on how JRuby works they pointed out that JRuby in fact is Ruby running on a JVM. That is all - just take your Ruby application and let it run on the JVM to get the speed up offered by the JVM for your applicatoin for free. For the future they seem to consider moving the source of JRuby (or JRuby itself) over to Kenai - a new Open Source hosting solution - once they get the issuetracker integrated they need.

Next Brian Leonhart from SUN Microsystems talking about "Development beyond Localhost". It focused on "WOTE - Write Once Test Everywhere" using OpenSolaris and VirtualBox. Quite interesting approach and a real cool software. It is free - so give it a try.

Last talk of Devoxx 2008 was fellow NetBeans Dream Team member Adam Bien. who came to Antwerp only for delivering his talk - thanks Adam. He talked about EJB3.x and why he thinks that this is the real lightweight solution, although he is not in favor of calling something "lightweight". He did some real cool live coding using NetBeans 6.5 and the new "Deploy on Save" feature - it worked awesome. Should have convinced the audience that Glassfish and NetBeans is the way to go for Java EE.

So much for now - off for visiting Antwerp, getting some "Mussels with fries" a local specialty and a good Belgium beer.

BTW: I took photos from the whiteboards just friday morning - have a look at them here and figure out what is going on in the Java community.


pelegri said...

Hi Sven. I'd like to use your photos of the whiteboards in TheAquarium. Would that be OK with you? I see they are posted under "All rights reserved", so I felt I needed your OK.

You can reach us at "theaquarium at sun dot com". Or just post here, I'll track the thread.

- eduard/o

antek said...

thx for motivating to join Devoxx 2008, I learned a lot and had fun there

keep up the good work


Brian Leonard said...

From the one developer in the audience who knew what WOTE meant :-).

Sven said...

Just trying to be a match for the Sun evangelists ;-)