Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Devoxx 2008 - Day 2

Being early as everyday Florian and myself got interviewed for the Parleys magazine. It was a surprise seeing that those guys still remembered us from last year. So it still seems to be a small conference - even with 3200 Java enthusiasts.

The second University Day started with the session Java Performance" by Kirk Pepperdine and Holly Cummins. A quite interesting presentation showing a lot of new and old aspects for performance analysis (remember everything you learned is wrong). One new tool that may be of interest is The IBM® Monitoring and Diagnostic Tools for Java™ - Health Center™ in Early Access. It provides the possibility to get monitoring directly from the VM without using bytecode injection. To use this you will need the latest IBM JDK as well. So give it a try.

For the afternoon session we picked "Advanced OSGI", but actually there was not so much new in the talk. During his presentation Peter Kriens talked about the classloading issues you could have and visualized it with a photo

So the highlight of the afternoon was meeting with Aaron Houston from Sun. We took a photo of the dreamteam members and did a small podcast recording.

For the BOS's we selected Meet JSR Spec. Leads, Effective code reviews in agile teams and The magic of JXLayer component .

All in all a lot of interesting stuff to try out and evalute.

Quotes of the Day:
  • "You do not have performance requirements? So you have no further goal in life!", Kirk Pepperdine
  • "A mouse move has been detected. Do you want to keep it? Please reboot!"

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mzuehlke said...

Was great meeting you at Devoxx. Let the show go on.

Greetings Marco