Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Devoxx 2008 - Day 3 / JavaFX Keynote

The theatre was packed for the keynote this morning.

Wow - those guys from Sun really showed the community how to sell the technology. Only few slides and many real cool demos and even a world premiere - the "Fox Box", which was so mindboggling cool that I just missed taking a picture. So here is one of another application shown - with a mobile version

The key note was done by Danny Coward

with help of the JavaFX-Team guys (Joshua Marinacchi, Richard Bair, Jasper Potts and Martin Brehovsky)

... and they used NetBeans

The only thing more cool than this was the "Beatboxer".

The second highlight this morning was Brian Goetz giving a talk about "From Concurrent to Parallel".

He discussed in some detail how the JSR 166y works behind the scenes and how easy it is to use (and how better it might be with "Closures") - Josh may disagree ;-) .

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