Sunday, November 23, 2008

SQE Issuetracking at

There is now a special NetBeans Issuezilla subcomponent "sqe tools" in "3rd-party" component. With this it is now possible to use the default error reporting and exception reporting inside NetBeans for tracking SQE issues (and nobody has to reenter them somewhere else).

There are already a few issues submitted - is this number a hint for a wide adoption or just for the quality of the SQE code ;-) ? I will look after those, hopefully a lot of them are already fixed with the latest binary bits. For the actual list of open issues click here.

Thanks go Lukas Hasik for taking care of creation of the subcomponent and the work of starting reassigning issues.


Iwan said...

And where can I find the SQE modules? I tried to download from but didn't find anything there.


Sven said...

Well there is a link hidden in the post but here it is again:

Iwan said...