Monday, November 24, 2008

Cube'n Releases Trac Connector

It's out now - Cube'n (Task integration for NetBeans IDE) release

The Cube'n team is happy to announce the release of Task integration for NetBeans (Cube'n). This release is primarily focused on Trac Repository Connector,Usability (D'n'D), bug fixes, improving stability and performance.

Download at

Whats New

  • Trac Repository Connector
    • Supports to connect Trac 0.11 repository.
    • Create/Modify Task offline/online and merge task with remote repository.
    • Rich Task Editor with attributes editing, workflow actions and comments.
    • Trac Repository Query Support.
    • Customized Trac Repositories including custom workflows.
    • Tracking of Locally Modified tasks and revert modifications.
  • Drag n Drop Task Management.
    • Task explorer task management
    • Query result view to task explorer

  • Installation prerequisites
    • You will need a special version of the Trac-XMLRPC Plugin.
    • The original available plugin has some problems with Trac 0.11 and the custom workflow.
    • These are fixed and the version of the XMLRPC is incremented to 1.5.
    • You can get this enhanced version via
      • downloading the patch and appling it to the latest available version from the official SVN or
      • downloading the Trac-XMLRPC PythonEgg for Python 2.5
    • Add the PythonEgg to the plugin directory of your Trac repository
    • Further details can be found on the original distribution site
If you never tried it before - go for it - it may change your daily coding ;-)

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