Saturday, November 29, 2008

Preparing for Devoxx

So just one week to go - time to think about preparation for Devoxx!

So what to pack?
  • Notebook
  • spare rechargeable battery pack
  • Digicam
  • spare rechargeable battery pack
  • ...
  • ...
  • and something for the hangover after all the long nights..
Anything to add?



sunahouston said...

Hmm...this got me thinking about my list:

extra battery chargers (for the hotel room): euro Power adapter (bring 2); extra flash memory for the camera and MP3 recorder; xtra batteries for microphone; 3X5 notecards; extra euros and coins from last year; giveaways/ t-shirts for people I meet (JUG leaders, Java Champions, NB DreamTeam); business cards; WARM Cloths + rain coat; phone card; passport...

Aaron Houston
Program Coordinator
Technology Outreach
Sun Microsystems, Inc
Menlo Park, Ca

Sven said...

Nice list Aaron - extra flash memory is always a good thing - and business cards (always tend to forget those) - cu Sunday evening.