Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Development Simplified - NetBeans 6.5 Released

It's out!

NetBeans IDE 6.5 is the latest release of Sun's award-winning open-source IDE that enables developers to rapidly create web, enterprise, desktop, and mobile applications with Java, C/C++ , JavaScript?, Ruby, Groovy, and PHP. Supported by a vibrant developer community and offering a diverse selection of third-party plugins, the NetBeans IDE is a must-download for developers.

Some highlights for Java developer:
  • The award-winning NetBeans IDE for Java keeps getting better. New to 6.5: support for Groovy and Grails, built-in support for Hibernate, Eclipse project import, Compile/Deploy on Save, and much more.
  • Value Proposition: We continue to build on our award-winning IDE for Java by adding popular new features and improvements. Find out why NetBeans IDE for Java is the right IDE for you- with rich support for ME/SE/EE development and new feature highlights including Groovy and Grails support, built-in support for Hibernate, Eclipse project import/synchronization, Compile/Deploy on Save, and Ajax-enabled JSF CRUD generator.
In addtion to this there is also an Early Access preview of the IDE for Python.
  • Simplify your Python development with the NetBeans IDE for Python- Early Access. This community driven project combines the practical development expertise of Python developers with the experience of IDE development by the NetBeans community.
  • Developers can enjoy great editor features such as code completion, semantic highlighting, instant rename, smart indentation, pair matching, and more. The EA release also includes a community developed Python debugger as well as the ability to choose between the Python and Jython runtimes.

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