Thursday, February 19, 2009

NetBeans 7 goes 6.7

So with all the changes inside Sun there is also a new roadmap available for NetBeans. Here are the details - direct from the horses mouth:

To get innovation and quality improvements out to the community faster, and to have the NetBeans IDE be better aligned with the release schedules of other technologies that it supports, we have decided to concentrate on a series of smaller releases rather than the traditional two big releases per year.


NetBeans 6.7 is scheduled for release in June 2009. The main features are Maven and Kenai integration, and there are many smaller features that you can read about on the New and Noteworthy page.


Java EE 6 support is planned for a future release. NetBeans 6.7 Milestone 2 is due out next week. We encourage you to download the release when it becomes available and to give us your feedback.

So - what are YOU waiting for? Download your dailies right now!

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Dominique D. said...

Well, AFAIK, past v7.0 was not such a big release to be named v7.0. Renaming it as v6.7 is much more logical.