Tuesday, December 11, 2007

JavaPolis 2007 - Day 2

Day two was the day of RIA - if you believed the session titles.

But before the sessions started we did a quick walk around the exhibition area. This contained a short stop at the Sun booth for collecting the appropriate t-shirt "May the Source be with you". A more thorough investigation is on the todo list for the next days.

We started with the Swinging RIA presentation (after having had breakfast), which included a nice demonstration of the power of the Beans Binding Framework and the Swing Application Framework provided from Richard Bair. Jeanette Winzenburg added some information on the current state of SwingX components and the challenges getting this to work in most natural way. Finally - for the first session - Chet Haase demonstrated the brand new Project Scene Graph (aka Scenario), which is a spin off from the JavaFX implementation. The project is currently in a really early early alpha state - so be warned, but the demonstrations shown were really impressive, but sadly it seems that they are still not available for download - maybe they may appear here some time later on (maybe we can find out more from Chet Haase tomorrow - or is it already today - time is running that fast if you are having fun).

After lunch there was a session about JavaFX - it was a lot of stuff that Jim Weaver put into his presentation. He tried to cover it all - from benefits using a declarative statically typed language to differences between the compiled and interpreted language.

So this was the bigger part of the day, but there was still more to come - a presentation about Ivy and short introduction on task oriented development (as supported by Mylyn) . The latter was a bit too Eclipse oriented - but this was to be expected from an Eclipse Evangelist.

Finally there was a quite interesting BOF hosted by Trolltech about QT. They gave some quite nice insights (you wouldn't believe why the name was chosen or the reason for using the prefix Q) on the QT history and has some demos showing the new Java API for QT (actually this seems to be some kind of automatic generated access layer).

Since tomorrow will be a very packed day - James Gosling, Mark Reinhold, Chet Haase, Neil Gafter, Bruce Eckel, Ola Bini - stay tuned for more info from JavaPolis 2007.

If you are missing some nice pics from todays sessions - there will be more pictures coming.

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